Skin Care

Skin Care Routines – An Introduction to Dermalogica

The importance of a good skin care routine to maintain healthy skin is often overlooked. Healthy skin is actually more important than many people realise. It is very important to care for our skin properly as our skin is the largest barrier against us contracting infections. Ensuring that our skin is healthy and moist helps strengthen this barrier. If the skin is not cared for and becomes dry or irritated by harsh soaps or moisturisers cracks can occur in the skin which makes a person prone to infection. Skin that is well protected and cared for against lifestyle and environmental elements will remain healthier for longer and slow down the ageing process which is always welcomed.

So, looking for the best skincare range is vital in our lives to help prevent infection and keep us looking healthier and younger for longer. Everyone wants to look amazing and having good glowing skin is bound to perk our confidence. There are so many different options available on the market. Wow to Dermalogica though. It is amazing how Dermalogica have a huge variety of products and ranges to specifically deal with individual skin types and needs.

Dermalogica Clear start is designed to achieve clear skin for teenagers and young adults. The mixture of powerful ingredients and soothing botanicals are tough on breakouts yet very gentle on skin. Medibac contributes to bring the factors that cause acne under control. Teenage acne can be very daunting and unfortunately brings down self esteem tremendously.  Products from either the clear start or medibac ranges seem to have all the qualities needed for teenagers to get through this damper caused by acne.

Dermalogica’s age smart range is formulated to help control aging triggers before they start. It helps fight the signs of aging and keeps your skin looking youthful and beautiful. Dermalogica’s power bright range is formulated to control and prevent factors that contribute to uneven skin tone.

See : Dermalogica Age Smart SkinCare Products

Looking good is an end result of healthy skin care from head to toe, therefore, Dermalogica have also created a body therapy range to help create a aromatherapeutic spa experience in the comfort of your own home. This range includes washes, scrubs, exfoliants and moisturisers.

Dermalogica have even created an extensive range for men. The guys will be very pleased with the 3step shave regimen.

No doubt price plays an essential role in what products we use. Dermalogica lasts longer than most products as you need to use minimal amounts at a time which makes them cost effective in the long run.

Altwoodskincarecentre have come up as very competitive with their Dermalogica products and offer the service of an in-house Dermalogica specialist who will be able to give a skin analysis and recommend the best products for your skin type and advise on a good skin care plan. Altwoodskincarecentre also offer Dermalogica treatments for that extra boost to achieve results faster.

Above mentioned are but a few of their product ranges. They do however offer a huge selection of cleansers, moisturisers and exfoliants that are sure to bring satisfaction to each individuals skin needs.

A good skin care routine will achieve many immediate as well as long term results where skin will be fresher, cleaner, softer and healthier. Supplementing your at home routine with professional treatments is a combination that will ensure healthy skin for years to come.

Give Dermalogica a go –  use these amazing products to take your beauty regime to another level.

Love your skin and give Dermalogica a try – you are bound to love Dermalogica too.


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